Area of activity – medical equipment design. Devices, apps, techniques, systems. Testing and training tools.

Visual impairment treatment. Testing, estimation of parameters, eyesight diagnostics (visual acuity, strabismus, stereo vision, color vision, etc. ). Non-surgical correction of visual impairment – methods, training, devices for medical home  and hospital use.


Monitoring and improvement. Human psycho-physiological status, organs and systems. Biological feedback systems. Mental/emotional state programming.

Psycho-physiological characteristics of the personality. Tools and techniques for estimation, correction and development. Optimization of life play.

Research and development in the field of computer vision. Biometrics (colorimetry, size and volume measurements, 3D reconstruction, modeling).

Neurotechnology such as:

• biometric data capture systems;

• manipulators and actuators;

• 3D modeling of biosimilar structures, elements of endo- and exoskeletons;

• development of the equipment for:

• electrical measurements of biosignals (EEG, ECG, pulse wave, receptacle elasticity, oxymetry, impedance and skin electrical activity, myograms);

• electrical effects (myostimulation, electrophoresis, microcurrents, physiotherapy, welding of biological tissues…);

• physical measurements of values and impacts of different nature.

List of devices and materials:

• Oculograph

• Eye Muscles/Accommodation Trainer

• Pulse Wave Velocity Meter

• Data Collection System

• Visual Acuity Meter

• Critical Flicker-Fusion Frequency Meter

• Estimator of Individual Perception of Time

• Glasses – LCD Occludor

• Audio Color-Light Home Healer

• Spectacles for Audio-Color-Rhytm Mood Tuning;

Software products:

• Express-tests of vision state

• Color vision test

• Stereovision test

• 3D software model of human oculomotor apparatus (mechanics, optics)

• Psycho-physiological tests (more than dozen items, extendable)

More detailed information:

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