Design of medical devices and systems (since 1991)

  • for evaluation and measurements:

– visual functions (dynamic parameters, stereo and color vision, etc.)

– physical characteristics of organs, elements and systems of the body

– psychophysiological features

  • for impact, training and correction

Development and implementation of hardware and software for various purposes

  • automation and software for industrial applications
  • devices and equipment for household and medical purposes
  • specialized equipment design

There is a solution

Since 1991, we have been dealing with problems related to visual impairment. Together with the Institute of Eye Diseases named after V.P. Filatov, unique technologies for the diagnosis and correction of vision were developed and crystallized. The diagnostic complex “Oculograph” has been developed and patented, which makes it possible to obtain graphs of pupillary reactions.
Methods, programs, equipment for diagnosing, training, correcting and treating various visual impairments have been developed. Accumulated statistics confirming the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

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And after receiving a consultation from a specialist, in the case of regular performance of the prescribed exercises, vision correction is also possible, in some cases up to full recovery.

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